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About AlvaLine

   AlvaLine is part of a highly regarded European manufacturing company, producing Exceptional Kitchen Cabinets continuously since 1998. We are ranked among the top five (5) fastest growing companies in the European manufacturing community. Most of our production facilities are located by design in Eastern Europe, which affords us many advantages including lower labor costs, high levels of experienced woodworkers, and an abundance of natural wood resources. Our supply partners are the finest and most reliable in the European market, as we are very selective in the end product enjoyed by our customers. Make no mistake; there is not any production or importing from outside the boundaries of Europe. We are also located in a Free Trade Zone, which allows us to incorporate multiple savings and efficiencies, bringing an exceptional value to the marketplace.

We enjoy long term relationships with several hundred dealers and business partners in Europe, and this has led to our level of confidence in our traditional markets. We are now poised and prepared to bring our Exceptional product and value to the US market. Our Pilot program has started with select dealers in the Northeast US, as well as targeted builders. We subscribe to a very specific business model, and we DO NOT work with any end customers. We are encouraging relationships with:
US Builders
US Dealers
US cabinet manufacturers
US architects and Design Professionals

   Our Showroom; open only to the Trade, as well as a Sales/Service Office in the Flatiron District of New York City is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2011. We also partner with an established warehouse in New Jersey, where we may receive your merchandise from our factories for shipment to you. This will allow easy access to our staff and present a destination where you can enjoy and explore the World of Alvaline.

   These are but some of the principles and ideas that will demonstrate how our business model will be of great benefit to you in all types of Economic climates. We look forward to becoming an important part of your growth and profitability.